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Taking care of your Westwind Shaper Tip

Keep the razor blade flat against the shaping surface

Westwind shaper tips are made from hardened tool steel, but so are the razor blades you’ll use to shape the sides. When the tip is new, the shaping surface on the sides of the tip present a perfectly flat surface with squared corners. Keeping your blade horizontal to the profile edge will prevent the corners from becoming rounded over time.

Keep the angle of the blade below 45°

The flatter you hold the blade, the less likelihood there is that you’ll nick the profile edge and leave a small indentation.

Our commitment to you

  • Our tips are made of the highest-grade tool steel and the ears get a special treatment to improve durability. If your tip ever breaks, we'll replace it. If you purchased it from our online store, email us at service@westwinddoublereed.com to make arrangements. If you purchased it through one of our resellers, return it to your reseller and we’ll work with them to exchange your tip for a new one.
  • Our precision production techniques ensure consistency. If you ever damage the profile edge or lose your tip, you can purchase another
    one exactly like it.
  • Our shaper tips have a distinctive black oxide coating, which reduces the tendency to rust in humid climates. Although the black coating will eventually wear off the profile edge, this doesn’t affect the shape underneath, since the coating is softer than the tool steel and is only .000050 inches thick (50 millionths, or one half of one 10,000th of an inch!)


Westwind Shaper Tips

Westwind Double Reed offers
proven shapes for oboe and
English horn, including precision reproductions of classic shapes
as well as exact replicas of
shaper tips used by renowned players, teachers, and
reed makers.

Unlike shaper tips made using
traditional machining techniques,
Westwind shaper tips use state
of the art production techniques
to ensure unsurpassed
consistency, durability,
and symmetry.