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Oboe d'amore gouger

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$1699 - email for availability

The Westwind oboe d'amore gouger uses state of the art machining techniques to give you unprecedented control over your reed cane gouge. This reed making tool actually encourages you to fine-tune your measurements rather than penalizing you for experimenting with them!

Key reasons to buy:

  • Increase gouge accuracy dramatically using independent and micro-adjustable settings
  • Experiment with different gouge settings, knowing that you can always return to your original settings
  • Remove, sharpen and replace the blade in minutes, then continue to gouge without time-consuming setup
  • Configure your gouging machine to suit your reed making style using either a single- or double-radius gouge
  • Turn your oboe d'amore gouger into an English Horn or oboe gouger with cost-effective expansion kits




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