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Hubbard Z Oboe Shaper Tip

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This contemporary oboe shaper tip has a colorful history. It belonged to a student of Bill Banovetz, former oboist in the San Francisco Ballet Orchestra. Bill liked it so much that he asked Westwind to make a copy of it and gave us permission to add it to our catalog. Bill wasn’t much for publicity though, so he asked us to give it a name other than his. Westwind owner Bob Hubbard liked it so much himself, he chose to put his own name on it.


Westwind shaper tips—the best shapes made better. Unlike shaper tips made using traditional machining techniques, Westwind shaper tips use state of the art production techniques to ensure unsurpassed consistency, durability, and symmetry.

  • Our precision production techniques ensure consistency. If you ever break or lose your tip, you can get another one exactly like it.
  • Our tips are made of the highest-grade tool steel and the ears get a special treatment to improve durability. If your tip ever breaks, simply return it and we’ll send you a new one. No questions asked!  
  • All of our shaper tips are perfectly symmetrical across the centerline in order to reduce the risk of leakage on one side of the reed.
  • A 30-day trial is available for this shaper tip.

Customer Reviews

"The Hubbard Z shaper tip is working great for me! I love how my sound is deeper and fuller without the sacrifice of stability. In fact, I was able to make great reeds with this shape just in time to play for all my graduate auditions. I've been getting only positive feedback about my tone. I wish I'd had this tip a long time ago! I'm going to be sticking with it for a long, long time."

Mezraq Ramli

Oboe graduate student, Singapore


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Customer Reviews
Patty M
I use the Hubbard Z tip and I can always count on it. Thanks Bob, for your fine work. You definitely know how to make this oboist happy!
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