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I have tried several different Pfeiffer-Mack shaper tips and the Westwind reproduction is the best composite. It is a great shaper tip and a worthwhile investment!

Darci Gamerl

Having been a big fan of the first copies [of the Lickman English horn tip] from the 80's, I've been waiting hopefully for it's resurrection. Made one reed with this new tip and I was convinced. It has changed my life!

Rich Dallessio
English horn, New York City Ballet

Great tip! I own and continue to play one of the last English Horns used by John Minsker, AL11 from 1941. The first reed made using this tip was flawless- great tone, resonance, pitch and stability. Many thanks for the work to bring this tip back and so well crafted!

Brent Hages
English horn, Yakima Symphony Orchestra

"The Hubbard Z shaper tip is working great for me! I love how my sound is deeper and fuller without the sacrifice of stability. In fact, I was able to make great reeds with this shape just in time to play for all my graduate auditions. I've been getting only positive feedback about my tone. I wish I’d had this tip a long time ago! I'm going to be sticking with it for a long, long time."

Mezraq Ramli
Oboe graduate student, Singapore

"This [Minsker-Lickman] tip is fantastic! Seals like a drum; high register
sits up; can scrape plenty of depth into it - makes me homesick for Philadelphia..."

Robert Walters
English horn, Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, Professor at Oberlin

"Thank you Mr. Minkser and Mr. Lickman and Mr. Matthews and Mr. Hubbard."  [For making the Minsker-Lickman tip]

Joseph Claude

"I like the de Lancie tip. I've been using it for over a year. I use 10.5 - 11.0 cane and keep the length to 69-70 and my reeds have good pitch.

Jim Gilmore
Ventura, CA

"I have an old hand-made shaper tip that I have used for years and wanted to copy. Bob's shaper tips and copying techniques came highly recommended by several people that I talked to. When I talked to Bob, I could tell right away that he had a great deal of experience and attention to detail in the art and science of copying a shaper tip. I sent my shaper tip to him for measuring and got it back fairly quickly. Throughout the process of reproduction, he kept me involved and up to date. I recently received several copies of the finished product and I am very impressed with what a nice shaper tip he makes. It shapes consistently and more easily than the original and yes, each copy is faithful to the original!"

David Matthews
English Horn, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
Co-developer of the Minsker-Lickman English Horn shaper tip

"Ever since our meeting in New York many years ago, I have continued to be impressed by Bob Hubbard's commitment to precisely engineered shaper tips that are virtually indestructible. I especially like the way the ears flow smoothly into the body of the shaper, enabling greater ease of use and a more consistent result."

Joe Robinson
Former Principal Oboe, New York Philharmonic
Distinguished Visiting Professor of Oboe, Lynn University

"I'm always happy to tell people about Westwind Double Reed, and Bob Hubbard's work. I use the Hubbard Z and Giacobassi tips and I can always count on them. Knowing that at least one variable in this crazy craft is constant, is a comfort to me. And yes, I manage to make reeds that work, even if I'm not the queen of reed making! Thanks, Bob, for your fine work. You definitely know how to make this oboist happy!"

Patty Mitchell
Principal Oboe, Opera San José
Oboe & English Horn, Symphony Silicon Valley
Lecturer, UC Santa Cruz
Author of oboeinsight.com

Bob Hubbard has taught me volumes about the oboe reed making process.
His knowledge is encyclopedic and reflected throughout in his splendid presentation contained in this superb website. Any oboist could well profit from the information contained here. I have used his products; they stand the test of use over time.

I look forward with eager anticipation to owning a Bob Hubbard gouger. I've seen the blueprints. His attention to detail is phenomenal. I plan to put cash on the barrelhead for the first production run. Congratulations, Bob and Christy, for this fine work. As we old salts used to say in the U. S. Navy: Bravo Zulu and continued success. The Westwind tradition is indeed well established.

John Towle
Principal oboist and English Horn, Hartnell Symphony Orchestra
and Symphonic Band, Salinas, California

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